10 Foods That Will Never Expire (Part 2)

Here’s a list of 10 Foods That Will Never Expire (Part 2). Today we count down 10 foods with no expiration dates, food that never expires, perfect as survival and emergency food!
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Foods with long shelf-life, did you know that there are many foods that have the shelf life of an eternal flame? Foods that last and remain edible over long periods of time? While a lot of them require a stove or a microwave to cook, there are still a good handful that you can enjoy on the go. Be a good prepper and show preparedness by prepping with this everyday food! So let’s try to outlast these 10 foods that never expire – part 2.

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0:25 Honey
1:43 Salt
2:54 Pure Maple Syrup
4:24 Pemmican
5:42 White Rice
6:53 Cornstarch
8:04 Corn Syrup
9:26 Pure Vanilla Extract
10:38 Bouillon Cubes
11:56 Dried Pasta

– Sticky, sweet, and tastes good alone or on a variety of things. This is the ultimate add on. People have been using honey for just about everything for centuries. Medicinal purposes, food, hair, you name it and there’s a chance that someone has used honey for it.
– Natural salt without additives will not go bad. Like Honey, salt is one of those no water kind of guys. In order for food to spoil, microbial growth has to take place. This requires water.
– Pure maple syrup is one of the easier all natural products to find. It has been on shelves for decades. Granted the price is rather expensive but at least you know that if you wanted to, you can splurge on it.
– Right off the bat, many people are probably thinking what is pemmican? Pemmican is the unnecessary extra word for dried meat. It has been called the ultimate survivalist food. History shows it was created by Native Americans and adopted by European explorers of the quote-unquote New World.
– Rice is a staple in the homes of many. Many people probably had a bag of rice sit in the pantry for years and then pull it out for that one special recipe that calls for it. Then you wonder, “how safe is this rice?” There are a number of white rice types that can be stored virtually anywhere and indefinitely as long as it doesn’t get wet.
– Cornstarch, also known as corn flour, is often used as an alternative to wheat flour. It has the same derivatives and it’s basically flavorless so you can’t taste a difference in your food. This is actually one of the foods that many people believe should not even have a best before date on it.
– I only know corn syrup to do one thing, make candy. It’s not a popular staple in household kitchens. Corn syrup can sit in a pantry for years and not change its form at all. Manufacturers of the product say that the best before date is something that is just a guideline.
– Most people don’t realize how useful vanilla extract is. It’s normally used in baked goods but it’s also a common ingredient in a few foods. It adds a lovely touch of sweetness. A container of pure vanilla extract can sit in your cupboard indefinitely.
– Right off the bat, we can tell you that if you even let the tip of your tongue touch a bouillon cube you will know why they never expire. These harmless looking cubes contain a lot of salt.
– There is always a random box of pasta in every household that you go to. And, why not? Pasta is long lasting, a great staple food, and once you add that sauce to it well, it can’t be beaten. A lot of people actually forget that pasta is made fresh and dried out for mass consumption.

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10 Foods That Will Never Expire

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