10 foods to stockpile now, get them today. With all the food shortages and more noticeable inflation across the board, it is important to get certain foods on our shelves. here is 10 foods you should be stockpiling, prepping, hoarding, stacking. Whatever you want to call it. In this video I discuss 10 foods that I believe to be very important to getting on our shelves as they are the basics of aiding basic food meal planning and they are cheap and easy to put together in a grid down situation. Don’t forget to be thinking what meals you would make with these 10 foods and more importantly how you would cook them in a grid down situation. What is your cooking source both for outdoors and indoors and what fuels again for outdoors and for indoors? Do you have the right pots and pans to cook them in. What do you plan to serve them on or in? Just food for thought….

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