10 Foods You’ll Avoid After You Know How It’s Made

Here’s a list of 10 Foods You’ll Avoid After You Know How It’s Made. These foods may be delicious, but they are the 10 foods you won’t want to eat after you know how they’re made.
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We live in a busy world where processed foods are a must. No one has time to prepare everything from scratch these days. Have you ever stopped and thought about what’s in the processed foods that you cherish the most? Chances are you probably haven’t, and you’re about to find out why it was a good thing that you didn’t. Many of the foods that you know and love have some pretty hideous origins, and you’ll think twice before eating them again. So let’s uncover what’s behind the 10 foods you’ll avoid after you know how it’s made.

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0:29 Hot Dogs
1:47 Gummy Bears
2:47 Odd Jelly Belly Flavors
3:48 Orange Juice
4:46 Pink Slime
5:41 Worcestershire sauce
6:45 Castoreum in ice cream
7:56 Red Skittles
9:55 Limburger Cheese
11:00 Beer

– Who doesn’t love hot dogs? They’re the perfect meal in a bun no matter where you’re at. You can’t enjoy summer without eating a hot dog while outside at some point. Are you aware that a hot dog includes everything including the snout?
– Gummy bears are a fantastic treat loved by young and old alike. How exactly are these tasty bite-sized candies made? Did you guess by boiling the carcasses of dead animals? If you did, then you’d be 100% correct.
– The most exciting thing about eating Jelly Belly jelly beans are the flavors. Where else can you munch of a piece of candy that tastes like buttered popcorn? No one will argue with you if you say that Jelly Belly has some of the most unique flavors of any candy company.
– Have you ever wondered how the grocery store can sell fresh squeezed orange juice all year long? You probably never gave a second thought about drinking your glass of so-called fresh orange juice in the winter.
– Doesn’t the thought of eating something called pink slime make you hungry? The truth is, you’ll find pink slime in all kinds of ground beef products. It’s used to add lean meat texture to things such as ground beef.
– You don’t know how to pronounce it, but you certainly do love the stuff. A few dashes can be great in anything from soup to homemade Chex mix. So, what exactly is in the sauce that none of us can pronounce?
– Do you like strawberry, raspberry, or vanilla ice cream? If so, then you’re probably eating a healthy dose of castoreum. What exactly is castoreum? Are you sitting down for this?
– Who doesn’t love tasting the rainbow? You may have second thoughts about enjoying a handful of these fruit flavored snacks. What color of Skittles is your favorite? Did you say red? If so, then you’re in for a big shock.
– Have you ever had the fortunate or unfortunate opportunity to smell Limburger cheese? If not, you should thank your lucky stars. Those who have smelled this cheese know all too well what it smells like.
– Are you the type who enjoys a glass of beer on a hot sunny day or after a hard day of work? If so, there’s a surprising ingredient in your beer that may make you pick a different refreshing beverage.

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