10 Walmart Foods You Should Absolutely Never Buy

Here’s a list of 10 Walmart Foods You Should Absolutely Never Buy! Walmart is amazing, but here are 10 things you should never buy at Walmart.
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These are the foods to avoid at Walmart. Walmart is a favorite place to do groceries for anyone looking for discounted food prices. Their rollback prices set them apart from other chains and they have a great variety of organic and non-organic food to buy, bushels of veggies and carts of fruit, so much Walmart produce. Walmart has everything you need under one roof. Which sounds like a marketing slogan. But upon close inspection, it turns out that not every food item sold there is cheap or even healthy. These are the 10 foods you should absolutely never buy at Walmart.

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0:32 Organic Food
2:04 Non-organic Food
3:34 Pure Vanilla Extract
5:01 Maple Syrup
6:23 Organic Milk
7:23 Imported Farmed Shrimp
8:42 Snack Food
9:50 Big Burly
10:57 Low-cost Pork
12:07 Ground Beef

– Now a lot has been said about organic food and whether it’s really healthier or tastier than non-organic food. But people’s appetite for organic food hasn’t abated, and it’s more than just a fad. It’s been going strong for years and contributes to over $40 billion to the grocery industry every year.
– You know everything we just said about organic food? Well, guess what? It also applies to non-organic food. Yes, even the carrots with pesticides and the milk that is probably loaded with antibiotics is also overpriced.
– Now that we’ve covered general fresh foods, both organic and non-organic, let’s dive in your cart and see what other overpriced items you’re about to take to the cashier. One of the first things to pop up is a bottle of pure vanilla extract.
– Maple Syrup. Canada’s gift to the world. Ask anyone who can’t start their day without a couple of pancakes for breakfast about maple syrup and watch them wax lyrical. Their eyes grow languid and both passion and yearning fill up their voices as they recite a litany of qualities that make this molten gold so loved by millions of people.
– OK, it’s time to look into organic milk and how high Walmart values it. But first, we need to find out why organic milk is always more pricey than normal milk. It’s not that the organic milk farmers are trying to cash in on the organic food craze
– Shrimp is delicious seafood that has found its way into numerous recipes over time. Some processed food might contain shrimp even if you don’t recognize the taste. Those finger-length crustaceans are packed with protein and healthy nutrients.
– If you love snacks then you must have a field day at Walmart. Their ‘Great Value’ packs offer a snacker all they ever wanted. Inexpensive snacks that come in various shapes, packages, and sizes, and you won’t burn a hole in your pocket when you fill up your cart to the brim with the glossy packages.
– This is Walmart’s answer to the eternal question: what will I have for breakfast this morning? It doesn’t hurt to have something different for breakfast every now and then, but when that breakfast is called Big Burly, you need to think twice.
– When a retailer grows so big and takes control over a big chunk of the market, you know that at some point, prices will be laid on the table and someone has to carry more than their fair share of the burden.
– And finally, it’s time to turn our attention to ground beef. We left this one for last simply because it’s a popular purchase and on most people’s shopping list when passing the meat section.

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