11 Food Storage Treasures for Optimal Food Storage Nutrition

This video briefly covers 11 important treasures that will help you learn how to take your existing food storage and turn it into a nutritional powerhouse.

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The top 11 Food Storage Treasures are:

1. Store a variety of grains. By doing so we are able to get a broad spectrum of nutrients that our bodies need in order to thrive.
2. Mix grains. By mixing our grains we are able to create a food that supplies us with the same nutrients comparable to meat!
3. Sprout our grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes. Sprouting increases the nutrients in these grains, nuts and seeds by up to 2000%!
4. Make nutritionally bio-available breads. By using a few simple preparations methods, breads can be made in a way where the nutrients in them are far more bio-available than they otherwise would have been.
5. Upgrade basic food storage foods. By upgrading these foods we are able to get more nutrients and will be able to use medicinal properties found within some of these purer uncorrupted foods.
6. Store nutrient-packed “superfoods”.
7. Use the foods you have stored to make nutritious drinks like electrolyte drinks, beet kvass, rejuvelac and more.
8. Store heirloom seeds and “garden boosters” to make sure you can grow plenty of food.
9. Use your produce to make lacto-fermented produce.
10. Healthy fats are critical to good health. We can have access to healthy fats by growing a hand full of important foods that provide us these healthy fats.
11. Store cooking tools and supplies that allow you to preserve fuel and cook indoors.


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