15 Foods You Should NEVER Put in The FRIDGE

List of the top 15 foods you should never put in the fridge. These foods that should never be kept in the fridge. There are refrigerated foods that would be far better, and last far longer, if kept at room temperature.
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Are you the type who loves to put everything in the refrigerator the second you come home from grocery shopping? You might be surprised to learn that you’re making a big mistake that is causing your food to go bad more quickly. If you want your food to last longer and taste better, then always remember these 15 Foods You Should Never Put In The Fridge.

The refrigerator is one of the greatest inventions of all time. How to make more room in your fridge in an instant? Simple, these things you shouldn’t store in the fridge. If you enjoyed this video list of the top 15 foods you should never put in the fridge. Comment: #fridge #preservation #preserving

0:24 Nuts
1:12 Potatoes
2:04 Bread
2:56 Uncut melons
3:48 Coffee
4:29 Onions
5:19 Avocados
6:10 Bananas
7:03 Dried fruit
7:52 Chocolate
8:48 Honey
9:45 Strawberries
10:52 Garlic
11:54 Open cans of food

– You can extend the shelf life of your nuts by putting them in the refrigerator.
– The sugars in potatoes break down when they’re cold, and they will begin to discolor.
– Putting your bread in the refrigerator makes it go bad faster.
– If you like your melons sweet, then it’s best to put them on the counter or someplace where they won’t be disturbed.
– You don’t want to put your coffee anywhere near the refrigerator, and we mean both coffee beans and ground coffee.
– The cold moist air will cause your onions to become mushy.
– Don’t put your avocados in the refrigerator.
– Bananas ripen faster when they get below a specific temperature.
– The worst place to put your dried fruit is in the refrigerator since it’s both cold and damp.
– The cocoa butter in chocolate absorbs all kinds of unwanted flavors.
– The only time honey goes bad is when you put it in a place that’s cold.
– Keep strawberries out of sunlight and definitely out of the refrigerator if you don’t want to end up eating a mushy slimy mess.
– Whatever you do, don’t store your stash of garlic in the refrigerator.
– It should be noted that an open can of food in the fridge doesn’t pose any health hazards.
– Cold peanut butter is next to impossible to spread.

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