1906 US Army Emergency Ration Preserved Survival Food Testing 24 Hour MRE Review

A truly astounding food discovery, this incredibly well preserved vacuum sealed can of pemmican and chocolate stood the test of time. The first true long-term storage survival ration, it was ahead of the rest of the world’s packaged military food technology. Back then, (and for many years after) it was the most advanced packaged/processed food in the world. In this video, we take a look at US Rations (Used by the AEF) of 100 years ago, their history, and find out how well the US Army Emergency Ration holds up over time.

Table of Contents:

– Intro: 0:00
– U.S. Army Emergency Ration: 0:33
– Trench Rations of the AEF: 3:03
– Opening the 1906: 9:30
– First Bite: 16:24
– My Place for Dinner: 23:06
– Second Layer: 49:46
– A Ready Porridge: 1:08:08
– Fried: 1:20:01
– End: 1:33:10

Review filmed February 27th and March 2nd 2019 – a few more gems from last year still in the archives, but this one was really due to get out there. This is essentially the theatrical version. A shortened and also a more comprehensive version are planned future projects. Until then, I plan to release my Reserve Ration review next for this era.


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