1945 RAF Emergency Rations & 1900 British Perfectly Preserved Tin Review MRE Tasting Test

A double feature – the first half is British Royal Air Force rations from 1945. The Emergency Flying Ration Type 3, and the Emergency Ration Type P. (This scene was filmed November 2018.) Then after these two rations another two tins are shown from a 1945 Compo (10 man) ration, and a Mess Tin Ration component (Which include some microscope shots making for an aimlessly colorful particle show of unknown non-living and some potentially living bacterial matter.) After these, we then take a look at a special sealed can from circa 1900, going back in time with something perfectly preserved and truly unforgettable. Finishing up with some long winded historical ramblings and a look at 120 + years in British Rations, including some incredibly old (and bloomed) chocolate . Come join me in this outrageous journey through history!

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