30 Survival Food That Will Last For Decades In The Post-Apocalyptic World

In this video we will learn what is the top 30 survival food that will last for decades if economic collapse happens:

Storing survival food for extended periods of time is not always something the average consumers consider to do. We are normally used to take a trip to the supermaket to get what we want, whenever we want it. But prepping for extreme situations, such as economic collapse that may lead us to food shortages can save our lives.

Survivalists, homesteaders, permaculturists and preppers understand how important a long-term food storage is and they afirm storing food can be simpler than it sounds.
First things first, you’ll need a food storage area that must be clean and far away from the heat and the sun. You’ll also need proper food containers, such as glass bottles, cans, plastic bottles, ziplock bags, tupperwares and you can also use devices to control the amount of oxygen inside the packaging or to remove it completely, such as vaccuum sealers and oxygen absorbers.
You have to be aware that bacteria grows inside the water contained in food and the oxygen is what allows it lo live, so when we remove these elements and seal our containers correctly we can create foods that will last for decades in your stockpile.

In this list, we gathered to you 30 foods that are commonly known for being long lasting when correctly preserved. Thank you for sharing this video with your friends.

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