$4 MILLION PRESIDENTIAL Underground Bunker Tour

Bomb Shelter Complex | The Presidential | $4,200,000 | Luxury Series

A digital tour Introducing the PRESIDENTIAL luxury doomsday bunker complex. The luxury line of floor plans are designed to pamper and protect. Offering all of the creature comforts of modern living, these underground shelters couple both practical ,self-sustainable living with lavish aesthetics. These spacious underground bunkers are completely customizable with limitless options bringing the term “luxury” to new underground heights The Luxury Series offers custom flooring and carpet, a custom kitchen with beautiful cabinets and counter tops, a refrigerator, multi vehicle garage with motor-cave, green house for sustainable food sources, large gyms and exercise facilities and huge storage rooms. These units are also equipped with full plumbing / septic systems and wired for dual power. (meaning the bunker complex can run on the grid or off the grid)

This massive fallout shelter includes all of the standard “UPGRADED” amenities: Bullet Resistant Door, NBC Air Filtration With Blast Valves and Over Pressure Valves, Double Counter With Sink, Shelving For Food Storage, Water Pressure Pump, Shower, Hot Water Heater, Grey-Water Evacuation Tanks, Grey-Water Evacuation Pumps, 12 Volt LED Lighting, Solar Generated Charging System With Batteries for back-up power, 12 Volt TV/DVD Combos, Infrared Security System, Fresh Water Inlet, 120/240 Volt Inlet, Staircase w/ Handrail, Painted Interior and Exterior Coating/Corrosion protection.

Bomb Shelter comes with these amenities

Enough beds for 38 people
Individual Master Bedrooms with Queen Beds
10 NBC Air Filtration Systems complete with Blast Valves and Over Pressure Valves
Personal Bathrooms with showers
Full Custom Kitchen, complete with stoves, double sinks custom cabinets
Gym/Health & Fitness Center
Large Family Room
7 Futon Couches (adds additional sleeping)
1 Large Dining Table
Dining Hall
Garage/Tool Room/Workshop
Green House w/ LED Grow Lights and Automated Irrigation

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Video Transcription


-Sleeps 38
-5 Individual Residence Bunkers
-9 Private Bedrooms w/Queen Beds
-10 Bunk Style Beds
-7 Jack Knife Sleeper Sofas
-5 Bathrooms w/shower
-Custom Floors
-Custom Cabinets

-Custom Kitchen (20’*30′)
-Green House (20’*50′)
-Gym and Fitness Center
-Motor Cave
-Work Shop
-Dining Hall
-Storage Room (20’*25)

-Standard Gas/Elec. Range
-Washer and Dryer
-Security System
-Dual Power (120v/240v)
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