5 Foods That Practically Never Expire

As coronavirus fears have some of us stuck inside for what feels like a lifetime, reach for items with virtually unlimited *shelf lives!

Here are five foods that practically never expire.

Canned fruits and veggies last for years since they’re usually packed in an acidic solution, according to Healthline.

As long as it’s an airtight container, they’ll be good to eat years down the road.

Reader’s Digest says dried beans seemingly last forever.

Real Simple magazine says unlike canned beans, which are stored in a bunch of sodium, dried beans don’t have any preservatives and additives.

Their low moisture content also helps them stand the test of time – or years in the pantry.

Healthline says hard cheese in a waxy outer coating can last up to 25 years before going bad.

The website for self-sufficient folks, PreparednessPro.com says it’s because cheese wax prevents the cheese from developing mold or bacteria, while keeping the moisture in.

Hard liquor doesn’t expire as long as it’s left unopened and stored in a cool place, according to Reader’s Digest.

Once you unscrew the cap, it’s exposed to air and starts to lose its flavors and structure.


Some say it never goes bad, while Healthline says it can last for years or much longer.

That’s because honey has both high sugar and low moisture contents.

Sounds pretty sweet!

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