6 Foods That Will Never Expire

1 Dried Kidney Beans
Dried beans should not be confused with canned or fresh beans. These dried beans- when stored in airtight packaging or sealed- can last forever. One downside of these dried beans is that they may take longer to cook and get soften. However, this doesn’t mean that their nutritional value diminishes. Beans are one of the easiest sources of protein to stock up long-term. They have naturally low wetness content and can last for years.

2 Salt

Whichever salt you prefer, sea salt or table salt never goes bad. You can happily sprinkle it on your food even if it has been sitting in your cabinet for years. The only precaution that you have to take is to keep it in a cool, dry place. Water should be kept miles away from salt and if that is done, you can keep your salt indefinitely. However, there is an exception to this too. You cannot keep one kind of salt for more than five years and that is iodized salt.

3 Honey
Though honey looks runny like water, it has surprisingly low water content. It is high on sugar and being a natural antibiotic, honey is safe to be consumed even after you find after centuries. Nutrition experts love honey because it has fewer calories than sugar. Though the honey that is kept for a long time may get granular, solid, or alter color, its antibiotic properties guard the taste and keep it from spoiling.

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