Archie Has Lost His Job | All In The Family

The family (Jean Stapleton, Sally Struthers and Rob Reiner) is celebrating when they find out that Archie (Carroll O’Connor) has been fired.

From Season 7, Episode 4 ‘The Unemployment Story: Part 1’ – The family is getting ready to celebrate Mike’s good fortune, he’s been published. It happens just at the wrong moment, because Archie has just been laid off due to the recall of a government contract. At the unemployment office, he finds nothing but bureaucracy and frustration, especially with the information he won’t get much of a check due to his job moonlighting in Munson’s cab. At home, Edith makes it worse trying to make him feel better by trying to sing him to sleep.

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ABOUT ALL IN THE FAMILY: One of the most acclaimed comedy series of all time, All in the Family with Archie Bunker as the irascible, highly opinionated, working class family man who viewed the world on his terms and his terms only. When not arguing with his liberal son-in-law, “Meathead,” Archie took refuge in his long-suffering wife, Edith, who tries her best to understand Archie’s conservative ways and outdated beliefs.

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