BUG OUT or BUG IN — Beginner Tips for Stockpiling Food

—Bizcuits N Guns
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Some basic beginner tips to stockpiling food for bugging in.

Bizcuits N Guns is a for “fun” channel based on the fundamental belief that the Second Amendment comes before the First. Bill and his wife Breanne embrace this belief, one that was forged by a lifetime spent fighting gun control in California. After having two children and watching the decay of their birth state, they uprooted their family to settle in a land that holds the constitution and therefore the Second Amendment, above the collective misguided hopes of the “give me free shit” masses. As an American family who hold onto traditional values we welcome you to follow along for rants, discussions, displays of firepower and tips on self defense as well as survival. Whether it’s field stripping an AR15, plinking with an AK47, fine tuning a M1 Garand, blasting clay with a M1 Carbine or discussing concealed carry we strive to bring you realistic entertainment.

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