Building a Native American Longhouse with Hand Tools | The Best Natural Bushcraft Shelter

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The ultimate natural shelter that helped native north americans survive this harsh northern climate for thousands of years is the longhouse, a bushcraft shelter made from logs, saplings and bark, lashed together with natural cordage and heated with central pit fires. Up to dozens of families would live in this primitive hut, with each family sharing a section of the longhouse, sleeping and sitting on a large bed near the ground with tools, clothing and food stored in upper shelves and hanging from the rafters.
Episode 1:
5 guys build the frame of this shelter on my land in one weekend using cedar logs, cedar saplings, cedar bark for cordage and ash trees for the ridge pole and for the bark siding that will cover the natural structure. Using hand tools only, we quickly assemble timber frame, post and beam structure on day one and install the curved saplings that form the walls and roof on day two.
Over the fire in front of the oversized wigwam, we cook a huge batch of chili for lunches and on the second day, we spit roast two large turkeys on a maple tripod and spit, smoking the fowl all day over a low smokey fire.
In the evenings, we head back to my log cabin where we cook up moose burgers and more for dinner, and a huge skillet of bacon and eggs for breakfast. Tune in later this week for the behind the scenes video of the cabin life, and check back periodically, or subscribe, to see us finish the ultimate bushcraft natural shelter and then use it to practice First Nations and European bushcraft skill, including woodworking, tool making, carving, fishing, foraging, harvesting wild game, preserving food, tanning hides and making, clothing and much more.
Thank you to Doug Linker, Jim Baird, Ted Baird, Terry Junior and Scott Way for their invaluable help on this and future projects.
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