Building an Underground Shelter On A Budget 1/6

This is not a bomb or fallout shelter. Please read the comments before asking a question that already been asked a couple of hundred times.

Now is the time to stop worrying about termites, concrete, and the things you can not afford to do. Do the things you can, think now while there IS time to do something to protect yourself and your family. Provide yourself with shelter, water, heat, food and medicine. Don’t strive for perfection, strive for practical. Do what you can now, with what you have.
This project started as a low cost, immediate need tornado shelter.Then turned into a low cost. immediate need, earth sheltered housing solution. The initial, economical, 20’x20′, DIY housing project was shelled in for under $2000. And was paid for a little at a time($200-300. at a time). This cost does not include excavation.
This project is perfect for tornado prone areas and geared toward a grid-down situation including solar power back-up and water storage, The entire structure is wired 110 and 12v, this includes the lighting. The shelter is sound proof and easier to heat and cool requiring less energy.

The shelter project is an on-going project, at this time(2/18/2013). Be sure to watch the other 5 Parts to this video series.

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