Bunker Beach Getting New Wave Pool, Other Improvements

If you’re a fan of waterparks, you’ve no doubt heard Bunker Beach is closed due to COVID-19. Now, the popular summertime destination is getting a major construction upgrade, courtesy of Anoka County.

“They are under construction now,” said Anoka County Commissioner, Mike Gamache.”

Bunker Beach originally had planned for the reconstruction project to start in September, but the COVID-19 closure of the water park moved the project up.

After three decades of use, the signs of damaged concrete and rust led to the decision to renovate Minnesota’s first outdoor wave pool.

The wave pool was originally built back in 1988, in the middle of Bunker Hills Regional Park. After three phases of development, over several years, Bunker Beach stands as Minnesota’s largest outdoor waterpark.

“The County Board decided that they wanted to add a contemporary wave pool,” said Anoka County Parks Director, Jeff Perry.

Perry is overseeing the reconstruction project at Bunker Beach, which includes a brand new wave pool with advanced technology.

“It will have eight different wave roller features,” Perry said. “It will have an added children’s lagoon with some shade structures that will provide some shading.”

The 3,000 square foot lagoon will have seven different play features for children and will tie in with the wave pool on the southeast corner.

“My favorite is the fact that it’s now going to be heated,” said Commissioner, Mike Gamache. “For someone who really doesn’t like that cold as much, I think that is going to help us a lot.”

Anoka County Commissioner, Gamache toured the construction site, this week, along with parks director, Perry.

Another part of the project includes a new innovative family restroom building, which will quickly become a waterpark fan favorite.

“It’ll be a walk-through open air in the middle with bench seating,” said Perry. “It will include four family rooms, a lactation room and a rental area (for inner tubes) out of that space,”

Anoka County is spending $6.5 million dollars on a host of improvements. Four million dollars from the Anoka County asset preservation fund, and two and a half million dollars from Minnesota’s Parks and Trails Legacy Fund.

“There’ll be a separate maintenance support building located on the east side of the waterpark.”

So for now, if you want to get some relief from the summer heat you can always head for Crooked Lake Beach.

“We stand ready, we’re posed and we look forward to providing a new and improved wave pool.”

Construction should be completed next May. Bunker Beach traditionally opens its doors to the public on the first Saturday in June. Anoka County plans to host a grand opening on Saturday, June 5, 2021.

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