Canned Food Storage Ideas- Prepping Long Term Food Storage

Canned Food Storage Ideas Looking for ways to organize and store canned foods Canned Food Rack Food storage tips and ideas for small spaces, make more room to store canned food for emergencies with soda pop boxes. Save empty soda boxes, label the ends, fill them with emergency canned foods for your stockpile and slide them under your bed. Use free things to organize your food stockpile, and you have more money left to buy more food or emergency survival gear and supplies. Having extra food on hand is a great idea to prepare for every kind of emergency. Store foods in places besides your pantry, which allows you to keep more emergency food on hand. Remember to store foods your family will eat, and then rotate them. Are you wondering how long canned foods last, and how to tell if canned food is safe to eat? Canned goods are safe to eat for 2 years after the expiration date. Toss any cans that are bulging or don’t seem right.
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