Many people have started prepping in response to the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Here’s a very quick guide to the essentials for storing grains and legumes for the long term (20-30 years) as part of a survivalist or prepper stash. Made with love for the Viral Explorers! I purchased my huge bags of grains and legumes at Costco several weeks ago — many Costcos are selling out of these staple foods due to concern about the need for long-term self-quarantine so call ahead!

When the apocalypse comes knocking you’ll be glad that you’ve been stocking!

Products Used:
* The mylar food storage bags and oxygen-deprivation packets I used can be found here:
* The blue Brute 20 gallon storage bins I like (opaque and sturdy with a good seal) can be found here:
* The other great source for mylar bags and emergency supplies is:

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