Crazy Woman Stockpiles $60,000 Worth of Goods!

Quarantine Hacks!! Woman Stockpiles $60,000 worth of goods! | Extreme Couponing

We’ve heard people doing extreme things during this quarantine season. Many have gone on a panic shopping spree while others are trying to maintain their penny-pinching ways to ensure they’re utilizing resources to the max! These extreme cheapskates and couponers will either make you envy them or just get grossed out by their extremes. Our best pick is a woman who has stockpiled over $60,000 worth of household supplies including food items that can last her for months!! At the end of this video, please comment sharing the one item you’ve panic-bought. So, let’s get to it!
5. Stephanie Cooks Lasagna in a Dishwasher

Not sure you want to try out this hack but as supplies run short during these trying times, utilizing resources seems to be the only way out and Stephanie isn’t taking any chances. Stephanie is as proud of an “Extreme Cheapskate“ as you’re likely ever to meet. Her boyfriend Patrick, on the other hand, is embarrassed by it. And Stephanie certainly goes to extreme measures to save a buck. To cut down on energy costs, her family has one light bulb that they bring around the house with them to light up the room they’re in. If they separate, say to go to the bathroom, there’s a candle they can use.

We got to see her true colors when her boyfriend Patrick mentioned he wanted to have friends over for a football party. Stephanie wasn’t open to the idea considering it would take her off her monthly household budget. She, however, decides to allow her boyfriend to have his moment and offers to do the shopping. While at the grocery store, she unpeeled bananas and took grapes off the vines so they’ll weigh less when she goes to pay for them. Other shoppers seemed shocked by her weird behavior but Stephanie couldn’t care less. She approached the butcher to get steak for her lasagna preparation but the butcher serving her was shocked to find out she was looking for a cheap deal on expired meat.

Everyone was speechless at their cheapskate ways. The hilarious if not absurd part was when Patrick had to switch off the TV during every commercial break to save on electricity! His guests also had to adapt to using a candle to go to the washroom since there were no lightbulbs around the house. As the worst was expected, they didn’t seem very surprised to know the lasagna was prepared in a dishwasher. Patrick’s guests seemed to indicate that the lasagna tasted like water or perhaps that was all the beef fat she used to make the beef go further. It certainly seemed gross as they parted to eat it!!

4. Michael brews his Coffee with a sock
Michael, an IT worker, is a proud cheapskate from Tennessee. He spends his time inventing new ways to cut costs. So far, his inventions have reduced his monthly spending down to under $1,000. Michael shows us a gross makeshift coffee strainer made from an old sock. He seems to have no problem with everything and prides on how “convenient” his device was. His parents even make a joke on how he’s the cheapest person they know!

It doesn’t end there, we appreciate that he tries to recycle straws but his ways of cleaning them are questionable. To the part that shocked most if not all of the audience, is the crazy idea of cutting his water bill by recycling his bathwater for dish and laundry washing. His parents also agree that it’s very gross and unhygienic. Although he spends less than $15 per month on water, this guy isn’t satisfied yet and wants to cut down his bills completely. That’s why we can see him trying to construct an indoor pump and a rainwater collecting system!
3. Toilet paper Apocalypse newspaper hack

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