Don’t Eat At McDonald’s Until You Watch This

Sure, you’ve eaten at McDonald’s plenty of times, but that doesn’t mean you’re doing it right. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know before you go there again, from money-saving tricks to dirty little secrets the famous burger chain doesn’t want you to know.

You’ve no doubt heard about the hack to getting the freshest fries at McDonald’s: Just ask for them with no salt. Once you’ve got your fresh fries, throw a bit of salt on them yourself, and voila, you’ve beaten the system.

Except you haven’t. In fact, putting this so-called hack into practice is a waste of your time and everyone else’s, it isn’t even going to make your fries better, and it’s actually a breach of fast food etiquette because it causes a hold-up in the queue as staff scurry to make that fresh batch.

Applying table salt to fries isn’t the same as the restaurant’s method of applying finer salt to them, either. By throwing your own on there, you’re just going to waste a bunch of salt and make your fries taste weird. So why bother?

And that’s not all. Asking for this special order is a huge hassle for the cooks themselves, who have to remove the fries currently under the heater, make sure the bin is free of salt, and start a whole new batch of fries, all because you wanted to try out that funny little hack you found online. Just don’t do it, okay?

Watch the video to see why you shouldn’t eat at McDonald’s until you watch this.

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The “no salt” thing | 0:14
Get the right egg | 1:08
Ask for a receipt | 1:51
Hands off the kiosks | 2:38
Download the app | 3:47
The Poor Man’s Big Mac | 4:43
Ketchup storage | 5:48
The options of the Late Night Menu | 6:29
The secret menu | 7:17
Get the most on your cheat day | 8:20
Keep it healthy(ish) |

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