emergency food delivery (genshin impact)


as always I changed the thumbnail compared to the teaser, I think it’s for the best though I LOVE this one

Been getting a ton of requests to make more commentary stuff, so here’s an attempt at making one that’s not related to a side story or a quest but to an event! These happen literally all the time so if you enjoy them I can make them very often!

NEXT WEEK DRAGONSPINE COMES OUT I BELIEVE!! (if you have any ideas for “the _ of dragonspine” let me know in the comments! ——– swine..? divine..? I can’t figure it out

Anyway that’ll be next weekend, “the (x) of dragonspine” the next meme video in our series B)

Thanks for the support on the Genshin Impact videos! I love doing the memes and .exe videos, I like that we got our new “send this to your friends who main (x)” series started and I like that we can do commentaries!

Have a great day! (✿ ◕‿◕)

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