Emergency #FruitSurgery! Jalapeño gets a new heart! #DiscountDentist Ep 138 #Shorts

The Discount Dentist from the Viral TikTok Fruit Surgery Series performs Emergency Fruit Surgery: Jalepeno gets new Heart!
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The Discount Dentist series was started in November of 2020 by Matthew Watts, the creator of Fleeting Films. This particular Food Surgery series is different than other typical Fruit Operations you may see on the internet, due to the nature of the full set of realistic, human looking teeth each patient has.

The series began with dental and orthodontic procedures, such as cavities, and giving the fruit and vegetable patients’ braces. It also pokes fun at the habit of Dentist’s talking to patients while tools are in their mouth, in episodes titled ‘Every Dentist Ever!””

But then as more and more of the patients kept eating sus objects, the discount dentist began to perform emergency surgery. He also performs emergency Cesarean Section (C-section) surgeries on pregnant patients that are going into labor or about to give birth!

The series takes a turn around episode 100, when followers of Fleeting Films began to notice that many of his patients were begining to die and not make it through their surgical procedures! The police and FBI got involved, and between episodes 100-135 the Discount Dentist fights off frequent visits from law enforcement, until he is finally arrested and sent to jail. He became very frustrated with Steve who was supposed to have his back, but seemed to be working with the cops to get him incarcerated.

After his TikTok followers bailed him out of jail, he was able to go back to the hospital to continue his surgeries, but not for long! As patients continued dieing, the police returned again with another warrant, and this time he was sentenced in a court of law to prison for life! It seemed he was never going to escape jail.

For a short while, the Discount Dentist along with his seggsy cell mate performed surgeries in prison. It was looking like this would be the end of any hope of him ever tasting freedom again! But during Episode 157, when Fleeting Films receives his first YouTube award for hitting 100k subscribers, he unboxes the award in prison, and is immediatley visited by Steve!

In the epic Epiosde 157, we discover that Steve was working the defense case behind the scenes all along! He figured out that the green imposter was the one who had been sabotaging the surgeries! With this finding, the green imposter was sent to jail, and the Discount Dentist was set free by the Judge! Since then, surgeries have been going fairly well….for now…

In these videos you’ll also see him working alongside his super sus assistant Steve, and his good friend Jake Barton.

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