Family Bunker Plans By John Hartman | Does It Really Works?

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So it’s the middle of August and we have only a few months left before the November elections in the USA. I figured when you consider the possible ramifications of the elections it might be a good idea for another article on Prepping and Survival.

Today I want to talk about bunkers. I want to talk specifically about their use, intent, survivability and the pros and cons of a bunker being the central part of your survival plans in a SHTF event.

Bunkering is an ages old tactic of defense wherein a person or group of people pluck themselves away in a small shelter capable of providing security against the source of harm that is outside. I am guessing the first cavemen started this idea when large predators would come near them. I don’t know that for sure, but it seems like something plausible to me.

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#Family Bunker Plans
#Bunker Plans
#Family Bunker Plans By John Hartman
#Family Bunker Does It Really Works?

Family Bunker Plans By John Hartman

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