Food Shortage Will Be Their Tool Of Control: Stockpile Food and Water to Prepare for a Food Crisis

We are very close to a global food crisis that will be triggered economically and geopolitically. Food shortage is more than just the spiking food prices or empty shelves you will see when you go to supermarkets. And you know nothing happens by itself. Controlling food means controlling people.

The stock market bubble, dollar collapse, currency reset, and other topics I’ve been discussing for years are all serious issues. It’s important for me to talk to you about the future food shortage from time to time so you can be prepared.

I want to repeat: You must understand the seriousness of the situation.
China certainly does! China is currently taking extreme measures to buy massive amounts of food from all over the world.

You may have heard that China has had a very difficult time recently due to natural disasters. Their agricultural sector took a hit due to the floods and their food supply suffered. You might think they are importing food to rapidly recover from the situation.

But, if you do a bit of the math, you will find that China’s purchases are more than what would be expected, and even more strange is that the purchases are far more than what they need and more than enough to replace what was lost.

Some figures, announced a few months ago, have actually increased. I’m talking about a 180% increase in wheat purchases.

On the other hand, if we look at corn purchases, the numbers are even greater.

According to the USDA, China went from importing 60,000 tonnes of corn in 2019-2020 from the USA, to 11,768,700 tonnes in 2020-2021.
Why do you think China buys so much food?

Can you see the signs pointing to a coming global food crisis? If you don’t, you may think preppers are crazy. Or that the increasing numbers of people who have started growing produce in their own gardens are worrying over nothing. Some might think it’s a waste of time when you can just go to the supermarket, right?

If you think it’s all just an illusion, please watch this video ‘til the end. Maybe then you’ll consider joining the preppers and gardeners like I have for the last few years and understand how serious the situation is so you can be prepared for the devastation in store.

There may come a day when you need to run to the store for something and you won’t find anything but empty shelves in the supermarkets. The toilet paper fiasco we saw in recent months was a joke compared to what’s coming.

It’s obvious that the global food supply chain is very vulnerable. Before the food reaches your plate, it goes through many stages including harvesting, processing, shipping, sales, and more. Have you ever wondered whether the owners of global food companies that are making higher profits due to rising food prices are serving an even bigger plan in the background? Recent events indicate to me that this may be the case.

00:00 | a coming food shortage
01:02 | the global food supply chain is very vulnerable
00:30 | we are very close to a global food crisis
02:48 | the rate of child food insecurity in the U.S. has reached
03:52 | the largest percentage increases in child food insecurity rates
04:20 | many grocery stores have permanently closed amid higher food & labor prices
05:08 | seed shortage
05:43 | water shortage
06:37 | China is currently taking extreme measures to buy massive amounts of food from all over the world
07:45 | China bought all of the Brazilian soybeans available this season
08:18 | take it seriously: Prepare for a Food Crisis
09:15 | container crisis will trigger food shortages
09:40 | global food prices are the highest since July 2014

The latest news and signs regarding serious water, food shortage, and even seed shortages in this video:

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