FOOD SHORTAGES ARE COMING! Sams Emergency Food Haul!

PeaceBeloveds! It’s Been a minute since I did an Emergency Food Haul Video Please Continue to stock up! Prices are sky high now the shortage will come back around rather they are Here NOW! Stock up family on what ever you can!!!!


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Peace 🐝Loveds! For those that don’t know my name is EsiK The Homesteddah😉 Hairstylist that loves to Grow, Coupon,Cook,Craft, (Sewing,knit,crochet)DYI, Travel.I started my homesteading journey almost 3 years ago after living in my home for 17 years now. I believed the lie that I couldn’t grow in clay in the deers would destroy everything,so I mowed almost 2 acres of grass for 14 years!! Please don’t do that Grow with what you got I don’t care how small you think your space is you can grow food so get to growing by any means necessary. I wish I had started many years back but i didn’t know where to began so I began on my back deck and then into my yard! Yes I fell in love with growing it became another passion for me! So get to growing family and I hope you guys are inspired to start your own journey into homesteading and continue enjoying my journey as I continue to JOURNEY! Peace and Bliss to you all🥰❤️ Thank you all for Your love and Support



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Thank you all for tunning into my Channel ,your Endless Encouraging words, your Love,also your Generosity!PEACE LOVE N LIGHT 🥰❤️😘😘😘

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