Food Shortages in America – Stockpile Food Now- How to Prepare for Food Crisis

Hunger is spreading worldwide with food riots in Mexico and Haiti. 30 Day Food Kit Estimates are that 33 nations are at risk of food shortages. Food shortages in Venezuela with crackdowns on hoarding and overpricing, Venezuelans report they are unable to find basic foods. More Americans are feeling the pinch, and should be concerned with when food runs out. There is still time for you to prepare and stockpile foods to make sure your family has enough to eat. Some common food items have a shot up in price this year. Experts believe that the situation will become increasingly worse over time. The reality is that food shortages on a global level are headed our way. Stock up on food and supplies you need while things are readily available. Stockpile food, water, and things you never want to live without. prepare ahead of any food crisis.



Augason Farms 30 Day Food Kit
Stackable can rack

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