Food Shortages We Could See in 2021

Grocery shopping has been very different in 2020. Besides mask and social distancing requirements, grocery stores have seen shortages of a whole lot of shelf staples. Not just toilet paper, but food, too. It looks like we may see these shortages of these food items continuing into 2021.

If you assume beer shortages are because sales have skyrocketed during the pandemic, you’re only half right. Alcohol sales in the United States have indeed gone up significantly in 2020. But breweries, in large part, have continued to make beer. So what’s the problem? It’s aluminum cans.

Since bars and restaurants have been closed for a significant part of the year, most of the beer that would have been put in kegs and delivered to the business is instead being put in bottles and cans to be sold at retail. This has created a demand for aluminum cans that has outpaced the supply. So larger beer manufacturers, such as Molson Coors and Brooklyn Brewery, have been forced to cut back on their offerings and stick to selling only their most popular beers.

Small, craft breweries are hurting even more. With no one visiting their tasting rooms, they have been selling more beer in cans for people to drink at home. But finding those cans has been a problem. Brett Trump, CFO of Free Will Brewing Company in Pennsylvania, told Newsweek,

“The Bud Houses, Miller Coors, have just bought them all. We can’t compete with them, obviously.”

Rob Lightner, owner of East Brother Beer in California, added,

“We’ve experienced multiple instances of delays, shortages, changes in agreed-upon terms. It’s a nightmare.”

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