Foods That Famous Chefs Absolutely Won’t Eat

They may be the ultimate foodies, but celebrity chefs are more like us mere mortals than you would ever believe. You would probably never classify a well-known chef as a picky eater, but even the most famous celebrity chefs have foods they just can’t stand and some of them are definitely not what you would expect.

Truffles might be right up there at the top of the list when it comes to classy foods, but truffle oil? Given that it’s not made from real truffles, not so much.

Gordon Ramsay and Joe Bastianich both made their feelings about truffle oil perfectly clear in one tense episode of MasterChef. When one contestant drizzled her dish in white truffle oil, they didn’t pull any punches. Bastianich walked over to her station and threw the cylinder of truffle oil in the garbage after saying any restaurant who had it on the menu wasn’t worth it. Ramsay called it:

“One of the most pungent, ridiculous ingredients ever known to chef.”

They’re not the only ones that refuse to have anything to do with truffle oil. Alton Brown once told Grub Street:

“Truffle oil sucks.”

And when Today asked Martha Stewart what was on her naughty list, she had this to say:

“Oh, I would never use truffle oil, oh never. It’s bad. They’ve done many studies on truffle oil. It’s synthetic, it’s fake, it’s horrible. It clings to your tastebuds, it’s a hideous thing.”

Anthony Bourdain was on the list of truffle oil-haters, too, once calling it:

“About as edible as Astroglide and made from the same stuff.”

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