Foods You Should Absolutely Never Store In The Freezer

People have a tendency to purchase more food than they can eat in a single sitting so they decide to simply freeze the extras. But hold it, stop, freeze, and listen up: There are some foods you really shouldn’t shove into your freezer. Here they are.

Mayonnaise a delicious combination of eggs, oil, and vinegar is known as an emulsion… that is, a mixture of two liquids that don’t normally combine.

Those liquids, in case you haven’t guessed, are oil and vinegar. You see, vinegar is hydrophilic which means “water-loving.” Oil is hydrophobic which means “water-fearing”. An egg yolk works a bit like a magnet, binding the water and fat molecules to bring the vinegar and oil together. But, this bit of culinary magic only works at room temperature.

As soon as mayonnaise freezes, the emulsion breaks, and the individual components begin to separate. You’ll see some liquid floating on top of the mayonnaise when it’s thawed, and it may taste more oily than the original. It’s still safe to eat, and you can try re-emulsifying it by whipping it in a high-speed mixer. But the resulting mayonnaise will be much thinner, and it may have an odd texture. The same thing applies to any mayonnaise- or egg-based salad dressings… so should keep those out of the freezer, too.

Watch the video for more about foods you should absolutely never store in the freezer!

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Mayonnaise | 0:15
Ketchup | 1:11
Cheese | 2:09
Milk, yogurt, sour cream | 3:10
Coffee | 4:01
Fried food | 4:55
Eggs in the shell | 5:27
Some soups | 6:24
Gelatin | 7:16
Potatoes | 8:12
Anything with cornstarch | 9:07
Defrosted meat | 9:55

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