Fortnite Prepper Supplies – Where To Place Prepper Supplies

Looking to place Fortnite Prepper Supplies at Hayseed’s Farm? That’s the objective for one of the legendary Fortnite Week 6 quests, but it’s not easy to complete for one main reason; Hayseed’s Farm is technically a brand new location. The area formerly known as Steel Farm has become Hayseed’s Farm after Farmer Steel got abducted, so the sudden name change (and likelihood it’ll revert back if Farmer Steel returns) can confuse a lot of players in Fortnite. Even if you are a little bewildered by the name change and you’re not sure where to go to place Fortnite Prepper Supplies at Hayseed’s Farm, keep reading because we’ve got all the possible locations.

00:00 – Where is Hayseed’s Farm
00:30 – Where are the Prepper Supplies

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