Genshin.exe (emergency food consumed)

The Paimon Experience

I love the game and I love making these .exe videos
let me know if you want to see more Genshin Impact!
Trying to accommodate with the memes around the game, lovin’ it so far!
Also I think the English voice acting is fine, I’m not a original purist or whatever

Genshin Impact Funny Moments/Memes


Animal Crossing OST
Masked Dedede – SSBU
Tony Igy – Astronomia (RetroVision 2020 Remix)
Double Cherry Pass – Super Mario 3D World

no i didnt quit runescape there will be a new episode of irnd some time during next week –
if making cod: bocw.exe doesn’t take too long that is.

Have a great day! (✿ ◕‿◕)

thx 4 watchin

thx even more for subbin

and the most thx for sharin

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