Homestead Pantry Tour [Year’s Worth of Food Storage w/out a Root Cellar]

Join our homestead pantry tour where I show you how we preserve and store a year’s worth of food. Our food storage is primarily made up with our home food preservation and because we don’t have a garage, basement, or root cellar we had to get creative. 👇👇👇Click to see more

It can be tricky to store 600 + jars of home canned and dehydrated food. Come see what we have left from last year’s harvest, how we’ve converted several areas to make our homestead pantry and fit our food storage in, how I handle our food storage rotation, what we preserve and how.

We raise over 55% of our own fruits and vegetables in our backyard and that means preserving it to last for a full year.

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Homestead Pantry Tour 2019 [Store a Year’s Worth of Food w/out a Root Cellar]

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