How and Why to Store Salt Long Term Food Storage

How and Why to Store Salt Long Term Food Storage Salt is an important food to include in your prepper pantry long term food storage. Salt How to store salt right, so it will last with your prepping supplies? Salt is necessary for life, a long lasting food that can last indefinitely if stored correctly. Salt is a crucial prepping item and needs to be kept dry, the cardboard container may not be ideal. Store salt in canning jars, and screw on a lid. Do not use oxygen absorbers. Salt boxes can also be stacked inside 5 gallon buckets. Keep moisture and pests from contaminating your foods stored for long term. Store salt in containers that allow ease of use. Full buckets of salt are not as convenient as a jar or original box. Are you a prepper, prepping and stockpiling? Stocking Up On Food? Recommendations are to store 7 pounds of salt per person. If you use salt for pickling, brining, and preserving, you may need to stockpile more. At less than a dollar a pound, salt is cheap and easy to stockpile and store. Salt can be used for first aid, hygiene, cleaning, and even pest control, and may be one of the most important prepping supplies. Indications are that some areas of the sea are becoming contaminated. Most salt comes from the sea. You don’t have to be a Prepper to stockpile food. It’s just sensible. Stockpile salt for your family while it is still safe and readily available so you will always have the things you need, no matter what comes your way.
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