IKEA Kitchen Storage 2021 | New Food Storage

Welcome to my new #homeorganization series! Today we are taking a closer look at the 10 new items at #IKEA for #foodstorage. Be sure to subscribe because we’re going to be going through all the new products one by one! Just so you know, we are currently in a complete lockdown so I had to try something new for taking a look at these new products. Let me know what you think! No matter where you live in the world this is a wonderful even playing ground to shop and discuss in the comments.

Let me know below if any of these containers catch your fancy or if you’ve had experience with these items. I know I will be getting the sectioned container the moment I can, as well as the click top glass ones! Also, let me know what kind of storage you’d like to see next!

Sending you all some love with this simple home organization video!
Testing out some new ways of creating and would love to get your take!
All my love,

*Everything in their Newest In Page here: https://bit.ly/3pbJH3t

BAMBOO CONTAINERS – https://bit.ly/3sS6Dau
GLASS CONTAINER – https://bit.ly/39OPVQg
DRY FOOD STORAGE – https://bit.ly/3oglojS
INFUSER WATER BOTTLE – https://bit.ly/3qDusRc
FOOD STORAGE KIT – https://bit.ly/364z76N
GASKETS – https://bit.ly/2MaA9Hr

*None of these are affiliate links – just for your convenience!

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