Info On The Emergency Alert System For Preppers| Test August 11th

Info On The Emergency Alert System For Preppers| Test August 11th
There is a nationwide test of the WEA as well as the EAS on August 11th, 2021. There is also some info you need as a prepper in regards to the EAS!

The Emergency Alert System and the Wireless Emergency Alerts program are ways for the powers that be to inform us of an emergency situation within our area or nationwide if need be. There are multiple types of alerts including Presidential, Imminent Threat, Public Safety, AMBER and Opt In Test Alerts. There are also features within the tests that may be something to pay attention to. You also need to access your phone’s settings in order to enable or disable certain alerts based on your needs. Having information and intel during an emergency event can be the difference when it comes to preparedness and survival. Make sure you have access to what you need before a real deal alert comes through!

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