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The first book I read on how to start doing long term food storage is a wonderful book called, A Year Without the Grocery Store by Karen Morris. Here is my Amazon affiliate link to get Karen’s book on Amazon and here is my Amazon affiliate link for Karen’s new Long Term Food Storage workbook You can also find many more long term food storage helps on Karen’s site Karen’s book taught me about Mylar storage bags, how to seal my Mylar bags, what food works well in long term food storage, and much more!

Other helpful long term food storage resources to help you (and me!) learn how to do emergency food storage buckets for a large family are Storing bulk flour in bags inside your buckets from Predardness Mama. Here is Using Mylar Bags for Food Storage and How to Start a Prepper Food Pantry
Here are also my Amazon Affiliate link for Mylar long term food storage bags Also check a site called (last I looked they’re out of stock, but might be back in stock at any time). And these are the Gamma Food Storage Lids on Amazon with my affiliate link I bought my buckets and lids on Walmart here and here’s the link for the lids I bought

I hope this helps YOU get started with how to make emergency food storage in buckets for your long term food storage. I just ordered more Mylar bags and have 10 more 5-gallon buckets. I’ll do another large family emergency food storage video here soon for you!

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