Long Term Food Storage: Bulk Buying Tips For Frugal Budgets!

Starry made a yearly trip out of the mountains and to the city. The purpose, buying food in bulk!
Keeping a well stocked pantry is essential for any homestead that wants to 1) SAVE MONEY 2) Be More self sustainable 3) Have FREEDOM from the store!!
A well organized and stocked pantry needs to be filled not just with garden spoils and home canned items, but also staples! Staples include such food items as your grains, oatmeal, wheat, millet, different varieties of rice, beans, sugar, oils, baking powder, corn starch, nuts, peanut butter, spices, pastas, instant potatoes…the list is long! BUT purchases can be made in increments, spreading out the cost thus also allowing you time to properly store and packaged your new bulk items.
ALWAYS remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. Dont go hog wild and think you need to catch up if you dont have these items in 50 to 100lbs bags already in your pantry.
Be aware, make a list, purchase only what you NEED and will eat, be smart…and remind yourself the money up front will PAY you back tons in the end!!!
Watch and learn….Starry scratches the surface of some bulk items YOU need to be looking at today!!

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