Long Term Food Storage: How to Build This Critical Asset

Long term food storage is a vital tool to help you conquer challenges that come your way in everyday life, as well as for emergency preparedness. This stockpile of life-sustaining long term storage foods should be built once you have a 3 month supply of foods that you eat everyday stashed in your pantry.

How do I build the perfect long term food storage plan for my family?

1. Develop a plan that includes the number of people, unique dietary preferences, and takes into consideration minimum caloric needs.
2. Prepare a cool, dry location to store your food supply.
3. Search for reputable suppliers where you can purchase foods specifically packaged for long term storage at reasonable prices.
4. Begin to implement your plan and consistently stock up on long term food supplies until you reach your goal.

In this video, we are going to begin by investigating important basic principles and look at what the experts are recommending. Visit the post this video was based on at How to build a long term food supply — https://theprovidentprepper.org/long-term-food-storage-creative-solutions-to-build-a-critical-asset/ for more ideas and information on building your long term food supply.

Check out our personal recommendations for quality long term food storage shelving and suppliers at:

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To learn how to build a 3 Months Supply check out https://theprovidentprepper.org/3-months-supply-of-food-amazing-peace-of-mind/

If you are worried about just where you are going to put it, you will find great ideas at

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