LONG TERM food storage | prepper pantry | EMERGENCY FOOD STORAGE

LONG TERM food storage !!!! prepper pantry and emergency food storage TIP !!! HUGE !!! A how to that you MUST KNOW!!!!! before storing your food in BUCKETS ………. WOW!
Emergency preparedness Tip

I made a trip up to my dads OFF GRID cabin or offgrid tiny house.. you mite say and he taught me a food storage trick or food storage hack that is a must know Long term food storage must have.

Emergency Preparedness can be tricky…. overcoming the elements and surpassing the long term food storage standards. This is how you store food for a long time…. A trick, a how to; that will bring up your food prepping game!

Another prepper pantry self sufficiency tactic that is a mind blower! Shelf life on some dry foods can be as much as 6 months….. this amazing food prep for long term food storage can increase shelf life up to an amazing 30 years or more!!!!! NOW THATS, EMERGENCY FOOD STORAGE / HOW TO PLAN & USE LONG TERM!

This method is very simple, very simple food storage tip that most anyone can do! and a cheap food prepping method that does not cost a lot…. a fast food prepping tip, a easy long term emergency preparedness tip, how to; prepper pantry trick.

Wether you are preparing long term food storage, awaiting economic collapse, waiting on the next pandemic emergency shut down, or just are a smart person that likes to be ready for anything. This is a long term food storage tip thats worth knowing…. and addition to your prepper pantry.

Fantastic long term food storage tip for emergency preparedness prepper pantry.

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