Long Term Food Storage Secret Many YouTube survivalist dont want you to know

LDS Canneries Are run by the Mormons (Church of Latter Day Saints) They are non profit and buy long term storage items by the truck load. There is no place else you will find long term storage supplys at this kind of price.

Here is a link to a map of locations.


To Help support this channel Please use one of the following Links when ordering your prepper supplys.

Great Prices on freeze dried food at: The Ready Store
( https://goo.gl/ut8bQb )

Great Dehydrated food Augason Farms, (requires more cooking time)
( https://goo.gl/CvbRdV )

The Wise Company long time food storage company
( https://goo.gl/64HaV1 )

Valley Food Storage
( https://goo.gl/JCXFtK )

Food Storage dot com ( I have never ordered from these people)
( https://goo.gl/Wzkkx9 )

Gun Parts at great prices Brownells
( https://goo.gl/rkZM9j )

Self Defence and Security How Too books and videos from Paladin-Press:
( https://goo.gl/dkiMcI )

Home or retreat weather stations
( https://goo.gl/oG9QaV )

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