My 1 Year Bulk Prepper Pantry EPIC FAIL! | Learn From My Mistakes! | December Bulk Food Haul

Today’s video is a WARNING to everyone out there who is new to canning, or has been canning for years like myself. After discovering some of our pear butter was going bad, I decided to take a close look at each of the different canned items in my pantry and really think back on how I canned them to determine if they were indeed safe. After some inspection, I discovered that 99% of my canned goods in my pantry were going rancid and NOT SAFE TO CONSUME! This was devastating and I am going to spend the next several days emptying and cleaning out all of these jars! This is, however, a great reminder for me to slow down, not take any short cuts and follow the recipes exactly. I truly and honestly thought that I was doing all of those things this year, but alas a VERY HARD LESSON LEARNED. I hope you have a wonderful day and thanks so much for stopping by. Oh yeah, and I also share some of these great BULK PANTRY FINDS from amazon:

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