Overground Survival Bunker Build Part 1, 2013 – Be Ready- Instashield

Construction of an overground bunker. Instashield
Build a bunker in your own home. The Uk is a small place so for most of us, that is our best bet.Build a bunker is not too hard to do, if you know how.
Build a bunker is can be installed by us, then removed and stored on your property, and hopefully you will never need to use it.
Our Definition of “Doomsday” — The end of the world “AS YOU KNOW IT!” Not the end of LIFE on EARTH!

Weather Modification, HAARP, Extreme Storms, Solar Flares, EMPs. Dirty Bombs, Civil Unrest, Nuclear Explosion , Government Take Over, Massive Tsunami’s, Earthquakes, False Flags, Power Grid, Fema Camps, Economy being destroyed!

These are all things that CAN happen.

Protect yourself!

When shopping around for a bunker, please ask the right questions! What can the doors handle? Have they been explosive tested? DO you have Engineers on staff that design these things!! Please ask questions..
Do not lose your life, do not lose your families lives, do not lose your possessions.
Get us to build a bunker for you, get in touch now.
Best bunker design, best survival bunker from preppersafehomes.

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