Pantry Storage Shelves with 1000 Can Food Rotation

Can food storage with rotation
18 (2x4x8′) rails
3 (2x4x104″) vertical supports (10′ ceilings)
5 (1/2x4x8′) sheets of plywood ripped down to 2′ wide at the store
35 (8′) corner bead strips:
Deck screws:
Stud Finder:
Cost is approximately $250
Takes a day to build

Freeze Dryer:
Mountain House 14 Day Emergency Food Supply Kit:

Canning supplies that I use:
All American Canner:
Canning Kit:
Electric Kettle:
Water Filter:
Blackstone Griddle:
Bayou Classic Burner:
Mix N Chop:
FoodSaver V4440:

Solar Power Parts:
– Magnum Inverter:
– Magnum PT-100 Charge Controller:
– ME-ARTR Router:
– Magnum Battery Monitor Kit:
– Trojan Battery:
– Midnite Solar Combiner Box:
– Midnight solar surge protection (115):
– Midnight solar surge protection (300):
– Generator power cord:
– Power Inlet Box:
– Generac Manual Transfer:
– A510C Pro/Tran2 Manual Transfer Switch:
– Solar panel cable 10 AWG H4:
– PV Wire: #6
– MidNite Solar Breaker 2A 150VDC MNE-PV2
-TEMCo WC0470 – 40′ (20′ Blk, 20′ Red) 4/0 Gauge:
-TEMCO Terminal Lug:
-Digital Current Voltage Power Energy Meter:
-DROK Digital Multimeter:

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