Prepper Pantry Full Tour 2020 – Six+ Months Supply

This is a complete tour of our prepper pantry stored in a 12′ x 12′ room I built until we get our spare bedrooms back.

You’ll see between six months to one-year (Closer to one year) of long-term food storage for my wife and me. We’re at the point now where we just need to replace what we use but we do still tend to add more months over time.

I hope this video gives you some ideas and inspiration. If you’re just starting out, PLEASE don’t let this intimidate you. It takes time and dedication to build this around of food storage but all it takes is a plan and consistent action. Honestly, spread over time it never dug into our family budget and we never use credit.

There’s also a saving aspect when you’re slowing building up your prepper pantry. It not only allows you to shop sales but you’re beating the rise of inflation when you begin consuming it.

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