Rev. Douglas James Cottrell PhD: Start stockpiling food

Global food production shortfall:
This is an audio Quantum Meditation (QM) session by Dr. Douglas James Cottrell set to images and subtitles to help summarize and convey the meaning of the words, posted with permission for its informational value only. If you are unfamiliar with Douglas’ work, he is a trance intuitive in the same vein and style as Edgar Cayce. Search on his name for other videos or visit his website ( for further information or to book a personal QM consultation. If you want to reach out to Dr. Cottrell yourself, his web site is:

NOTE: the information in this video has been obtained through psychic or clairvoyant sources. This source should not be considered a medical, financial, historical or any other authority and the information must be used in a reasonable and practical manner. The views expressed are not the only possible explanation.

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