Review of Seven Oceans Emergency Rations

So I went and picked up some emergency rations the other day because I am planning on making a bug out bag at some point ahead and figured I would stock some emergency food. There are plenty of emergency rations on the market to choose from, and these are the ones I decided to try first, and my review of them.

I have not eaten any other types of ration supplies previously nor these ones before now, so I will probably be picking up some different kinds as well to see which I feel would be best for me!

I purchased these rations from a local supply and airsoft store, Niagara Quartermaster. – –
Take a look at their website or drop in and give them a visit, I have always encountered a friendly face and someone eager to help with my concerns and questions. They also have a fantastic selection of history and war books that should not be passed up on.

This is my first review so I know it won’t really be up to par or very entertaining, but that will improve with time and practice.

As ronstryker has stated in the comment section, these are probably not well advised for for survival rations more than what they were meant for, life boat emergency. In need of energy when on the move or for strenuous activity these would probably not do you much good. I will be doing more reviews on different rations and hopefully they will be more suited to that point.

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