Rimworld Alpha 13 – 12. Bunker Building – Let’s Play Rimworld Gameplay

Welcome to Rimworld Alpha 13! With the colony largely enclosed, it’s time to focus more of our attention on our first bunker design!


Rimworld is a sci-fi colony management sim, in which you are charged with guiding three shipwrecked colonists towards founding (and protecting) a colony on a distant Rimworld.

Rimworld’s difficulty is driven by an AI storyteller, which intelligently scales the threats posed both by hostile factions and the environment, to continually challenge the player, while still allowing the player to dictate the overall level of difficulty present in their game.

Mixing the space-western feel of firefly, with the depth of simulation of games such as Dwarf Fortress and Gnomoria, Rimworld is enough to delight and challenge both those new to the genre, and veterans to colony management games!


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AllowTool by UnlimitedHugs
Better Coolers & Better Vents by Skullywag
Community Core Library & Vinalla Tweaks by RWCCLTeam
EdB ColonistBar by EdB
Expanded Prosthetics & Organ Engineering by Ykara
More Furniture by Anonemous2
More Floors by Telkir


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Rimworld on the web (official website) – http://rimworldgame.com/
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Rimworld on Twitter – https://twitter.com/TynanSylvester

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