Settlers planning to resist withdrawal, stockpiling food

(12 Aug 2005)
Gan Or settlement, Gaza Strip
1. Removal men (in orange t-shirts) working in settlement
2. Settler screaming at removal men (because there has been a double booking)
Kfar Darom settlement, Gaza Strip
3. Pan of boxes piled high outside supermarket
4. Women looking at goods outside supermarket
5. Settlers crowding as they shop for groceries
6. Close up of shopping trolley full of supplies
7. Big line of shoppers
8. Lines at tills, pan down to man shopping
9. Interior of house with boxes of supplies
10. Supplies in boxes
11. SOUNDBITE (English) Shaul Bar Elan, Settler from Kfar Darom
“We bought a lot of food, a lot of water, only for two weeks, for three weeks, by this time we will wait for our brothers to come and help us, and after we finish the victory, we will send this food to poor man.”
12. Wide of tents in Kfar Darom
13. Settlers in tents
14. Settlers in tents with clothes hanging up and bedding on ground
15. Settlers peeling potatoes
16. Close up potatoes, tilt to peelers
17. Settlers in tents
As the date for the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip approaches, final preparations were under way on Friday for the dismantling of 21 settlements.
Many settlers insist they won’t leave their homes, and are getting ready to dig in until the day they predict they will be victorious and will be able to stay in the settlements.
But that’s not the case everywhere in Gaza.
In the Gan Or settlement, settlers are complying with government orders to leave.
The state is providing help to the settlers, including sending teams to help with moving households out of settlements.
Tempers are frayed – one settler was angry because there had been a double booking and he wanted his house to be emptied first.
In the central Gaza settlement of Kfar Darom, other settlers are not even thinking about packing.
Instead, residents of this fervently religious enclave are preparing for a long stand-off with Israeli soldiers.
There are around 500 people there, and hardliners have been joined by withdrawal opponents who have set up camp in a nearby tent city.
At the local supermarket, stocks are piled high to meet the needs of settlers preparing for a long wait behind the walls of their homes.
Inside shoppers form long queues to buy water, fuel and food – enough to last them several weeks.
Kfar Darom is isolated from the other settlements and separated from the Palestinian town of Deir el-Balah by a thin line of walls and fences.
Founded in 1946 as a kibbutz, it was evacuated after a long Egyptian siege during the 1948 Middle East War.
After Israel captured and occupied Gaza in 1967, it built an army post on the site, and in 1989 a band of civilians were moved in, believing that the biblical Abraham once grazed his cattle there.

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