Steve Bunker Dec. 7, 2003 Oral History Interview

Steve Bunker’s background and a major love is the sea. Also a history buff, he originally came to Baltimore to help build a Baltimore Clipper in Baltimore Harbor, stayed on for a few years as Baltimore’s maritime historian and eventually opened his shop in Fell’s Point, The China Sea, a “marine-salvage and antique shop” complete with live parrots. A community leader for many years, Steve is remembered for representing the working waterfront community and helping to moderate development. He and Sharon Bondroff moved their shop to Maine in 1999 after they decided they could no longer afford the rents in Fell’s Point.

In this interview, Steve tells his stories about Fell’s Point and its history. The interview was conducted in his home in Maine on February 8, 2003 by Jacquie and Kraig Greff of Tonal Vision LLC in preparation for the documentary, Fell’s Point Out of Time.

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